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Since some visitors from the English speaking part of the world visited my homepage, I decided to give you a short English summary.

This homepage is about a book I wrote and which I sell here as a pdf-file. The book with a total of 465 pages is dedicated to the various facets of the use of uranium in glazes and glaze stains. It covers the history of uranium glazes as well as the manufacture of the necessary uranium compounds, gives glaze compositions for all colors achivable by uranium including lustres and crystalline glazes, describes the chemistry of uranium in glazes and discusses some safety aspects.

The major part gives short company histories and examples of uranium glazed pottery and porcelain. By now, more than 180 objects mainly from Europe but also some from the USA are described and showed in a few hundred photos. The book finishes with some examples of the use of uranium in building ceramics.

Since the book started as a fun project it is written in my native language German. When I decided to make it available to the public it was already too large to translate. If you are anyway interested in the book, drop me a note to


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